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You name it, we can make it!


We specialize in creating mobile apps with unique user experiences that run natively across all iOS and Android devices.


A website should look great showcasing a product, or as an elegant backend that few get to see.


Our games have been featured by both Apple and Google Play in their app stores - the true sign of a quality mobile app.


Apps can be powerful extensions for any brand, event, or cause. Whether it's a game, utility, photo or video app, it should impress the user and send the right message.


Got content? Let us help you get it on in the App Store, Google Play, Roku, AppleTV, Tivo, Samsung Smart, LG and more! We know how to work with video platforms like: Ooyala, Brightcove, Kaltura, et al.


Sometimes a web app just won't cut it. Browser extensions for IE, Firefox and Chrome can help add functionality to your apps that isn't possible with a typical website.


On-Demand Lawn Mowing

& Snow Plowing Service

• Consumer Facing App

• Separate Provider Side App

• Payment system integration

• Serverside Order Management

• Automated Billing and Support

• Web Ordering

• Visit Website

We built Plowz from the ground up: Wireframed the consumer app, provider app, and web admin, designed, developed, and tested.




Imagination Playground

3D Building App to bring Imagination Playground's building blocks into a digital landscape.

• iPhone & iPad Apps

• Free Play Mode

• Gravity Mode

• Imagination Playground Info

We built Imagination Playground 3D builder using Unity, creating a unique playground to unlock kids' imaginations. The blocks themselves are seen in museums and playgrounds all over the world. With this App, kids no longer need to search for one of the many locations to play with these blocks, they can experience it at home or in the classroom.


Turn your photos into a gorgeous wall collage.

• Collage Simulation

• Centrix Integration

• Photo uploader

• Website

CollageMo was built in parternship with with with the the leading photo product manufacturer in the US. Together, photos go from your phone, to a production facility in California where every panel is created using a sublimation technique that creates a gorgeous metalic shimmer on every panel. They are inspected and shipped to your door within 48 hours of ordering.


Track, locate, and protect your belongings.

• Augmented reality app

• Camera and accelerometer tracking

• Custom SDK integration

• Pre-order Pixie Now

Pixie tags are a revolutionary technology that use low frequency bluetooth to talk to one another to gather their exact location. Use the tags and this companion app to see where you lost wallet is, you often misplaced keys, or even where your cat is hiding.


Challenge friends to a game of trivia

• Our own proprietary social gaming platform

• Asynchronous Game Play

• Featured by Apple & Google Play

• Serverside game management

• Facebook Feed-Gaming Integration

• Visit Website

• Lamplighter Social Gaming Platform

We developed and used our own proprietary social gaming platform to create these apps. Both were featured by Apple and Google Play, and have reached hundreds of thousands of downloads.


Always on live trivia

• Always on live trivia game

• 1 question asked to the world every 20 sec

• Worldwide rankings

• iOS, Android, Web, & Mobile Web

• Press Release

Always on live trivia app asking 1 question to the world every 20 seconds.

This ephemeral messaging browser plugin was created to have photos and messages be seen, then disappear after being viewed.

Video Apps & Products

Via video platform SDKs

• Cross-platform mobile apps

• App Store, Google Play, Roku, AppleTV, Tivo, Samsung Smart, LG et al.

• Payment gateways

• Subscription billing & In-App purchases

• Syndicaster Video Uploader App

Using your video platform of choice we can build you standalone mobile app, web portal, or both to get your content to your users the way you want it. Working with various payment systems to create gateways and subscription billing systems we can help drive more paying users to your premium video content.


White-labeled mobile solution for political candidates

• Customizable Feature Tabs

• Custom CMS

• Supporter Action Analytics

• Voter Data Integration

• Donation / Payment Processing

We developed a low cost app framework for speedy turnaround and manageable backend. So even an intern can update the app's content.



• Interactive Facebook posts

• Activity Analytics

• Fully Customizable

• CNBC Facebook Feed Gaming

Facebook Feed-Gaming let's you embed interactive (flash) content directly into the newsfeed. You can let your fans: play games, engage with content, view animated GIFs, etc. We even make a HTML5 fallback for people engaging with the content via mobile.


Real-time analytics dashboard

for your ecommerce store

• Watch customers entering your store,

considering products,

adding products to their cart,

& when they're checking out

• Shopify Plugin

• Big Commerce Plugin

We can create plugins for nearly every shopping engine with an app store. Our real-time shopping cart dashboard is not only informative, but it's addicting to watch.